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Interior Designers & Decorators in Coimbatore

Modular Kitchen has become the trendsetter in the Interior & Kitchen designing industry for the past many years. Nowadays, everyone talks about a modular kitchen only, while thinking of setting up or remodelling their kitchens.

Modular Kitchens are manufactured in factories on specialized manufacturing equipments and machines. In our factory, manufacturing is done on specialized German and Italian machines to ensure fast manufacturing, designer kitchen finishes and low cost.

We manufacture in one day what a carpenter would take 15-20 days to make. Usually our kitchens are manufactured and fully installed at site within 15 days of booking of order.

This is where most home owners make a mistake. They assume that getting a kitchen made by a carpenter would help reduce manufacturing cost. This is not true. In fact, not only does the time taken to manufacture increase manifold, so does the cost.

Once work is given to a carpenter, he would continuously keep asking for materials depending on hand written calculations based fully on assumptions. Not only this, since many work on daily basis, they would prefer to extend the work days for their benefit.

Also, since workmanship and finishing would not be up to the standards of a machine made factory finished kitchen, maintenance and repair costs add up!